How to Overcome Loneliness – 15 Techniques That Work Like a Charm


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Everyone feels lonely at one time or another. And it can be hard to make new friends in today’s troubled and unpredictable world. The friends and acquaintances we have may be so busy and preoccupied they don’t even notice how lonely we are. We may not tell them how we feel because we don’t want to bother anyone. So . . . we suffer in silence.

What’s a person to do?

Well, if you find yourself sitting at home – alone – and feeling sorry for yourself, simply try a few of these 15 tricks to decrease loneliness and make new friends. They have worked for many of my clients, and they will work for you.

15 Sure-Fire Techniques Continue reading

Neutralising Self Criticism Through Humour and Laughter


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Everyone suffers from self criticism from time to time. It can be useful. You can get important feedback from criticism. However criticism directed at the self can become an unhealthy habit causing feelings of low self worth. It’s useful to balance this tendency. An easy and quick way to achieve this is with humour. By lightening things up you can get some much needed perspective! Continue reading

Music is for Everyone

Because.. even a super-computer can change its programĀ 1-quotes-positive-attitude-parenting-tips

Motivational Speaker Training: 9 Tips to Motivate Any Audience


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The oft-maligned motivational speech is actually a critical tool for leaders of all kinds. Whether your audience is made up of sales people, clients, church congregants, association members, soldiers, fundraisers, donors, staff, shareholders, your sports team, your constituents or members … Continue reading