Private Lessons & Group Classes


Are you or your child getting bored and frustrated with music? It’s supposed to be fun and easy – And we’d like to show you how. Popular songs are mixed with solid technique to effortlessly progress.. with just a little dedication you can unleash your own inner Rock Star! Lessons are offered for Guitar, Bass, Drums, Ukulele, Rock/Jazz/Classical Piano, Voice, Trumpet, Sax, Flute, Clarinet, and Violin. If you don’t see your instrument.. just ask – Sonny also helps young students pass their recorder class @ school.

Private Lessons are $25/ half hour ! – But we currently have a deal with Groupon – Click Here – so NOW is the best time to give us a call and register before our teachers’ schedules are full.

Semi-Private Lesson are $17.50/half hour – for special rates or more than two in a class plz ask Sonny – Sometimes learning music is simply more fun with a friend. If you’d like to take lessons with a friend – just ask. 

Music Theory – Beginning Saturday’s in July – Register Now ! – 10 classes $95

Learn Music Theory the same way Sonny did at ESA. This fun, easy and proven method is designed to help understand and internalize the intellectual world of chords, scales, and how they all fit together. Classes are organized in levels from RCM beginner to advanced chord/scale relationships. This class is a great path for students trying to get into Capilano University or VCC.

Performance Anxiety – Next Class: plz check back – Enroll Now ! – only $45 – but we have a Groupon Deal !Click Here

Let’s face it.. everyone gets the butterflies before they step on stage, hit record in the studio, or read for a part at an audition. For some people this can make or break your performance before you even begin. It’s not just about stepping in front of an audience. Some people just have difficulty getting the best out of their performance in certain settings, like the studio or reading for a certain director. We’re here to help.

Register Now ! Simply fill out the form below and Sonny will give you a call and sign you up for your lesson or class.

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