Testimonials !

Agung Umbara

Thank you for making video, I just bought my Clarinet and don’t know how to use it so learn much from your video! I looking forward your next level video. thank you.
Really enjoyed this video, I like your teaching approach! Thank you for uploading
that was fun!
You’re really good at explaining things unlike some of the other people on YouTube, thank you! 🙂
THANKYOU a MILLION TIMES OVER ! You got me started : producing sound – getting notes and the little tunes as well …..where / what is the way to CONTINUE these lessons ?: how can one continue lessons (between Houston and Vancouver ? )
I’m still young though so yea but your the best teacher the others didn’t really help me that much just
Amazing teacher . I liked too much your way that how to play a clarinet…. good luck and I will follow you with my friends who likes the same Hobby.
Whoa your help was just awesome omg I lovee u
Wow! I am so glad i found your channel. You’re an awesome teacher. Subscribed
At the end you were amazing I know everyone squeeks !
I appreciate your videos on the clarinet. i took private lessons are few years ago and did reasonably well. Currently, there is no one teaching clarinet where I live so your videos are helpful to me getting back into playing. Thank you
I’m a rock drummer and play bass and harmonica to a good standard. I’ve recently picked up my son’s unwanted clarinet and I’m determined to play it. I have learnt so much in the past few days watching various you tube videos by very competent players. Yours is one of the best. Thank you
What a nice guy many thanks Sunny
Fantastic stuff Sonny, just what I was after a proper beginners lesson 🙂
top lesson on the internet
Thank you so much for making this video! I was having quite a bit of trouble making any sound at all, but your in-depth explanation of where the reed needs to vibrate was perfect. I managed to push a funny squeak noise out of my instrument, which is plenty to get started with. I truly appreciate your enthusiasm and the way you broke down the approach, it was a great help. Thanks again
Thanks sunny… that was the best vid i found on youtube about starting off with clarinet mouth position.
You are an amazing teacher Sunny!
Thank Sonny, My daughter is starting clarinet and I have never touched one before although I am a life long musician. She complained she couldn’t make the Bb sound out.. So I watched your video , put the horn together, ;earned to blow and figured out what the scale was. F-E-D-C -Bb . Nothing wrong with the horn .. but now I could be learning my first wind instrument .. Graci
This is the second lesson to me and I am ready now how to use the basic things with my best teacher . You are not my best teacher only you are the best teacher to all of us in Beirut City.
Thank you 🙏 so much . You’re amazing
Thanks Sunny
This is the best video for beginners that I know of
Ty so much. I just got my first clarinet. This is a great first lesson! -Jamie from Lisbon, Ohio.
Thanks Sunny your a excellent teacher