💖 9 hr Deep Sleep Meditation Music – Become More Confident While You Sleep Music (Try not to Cry)

💖 9 hr Deep Sleep Meditation Music – Become More Confident While You Sleep Music (Try not to Cry)

Beginner Clarinet Lessons ! Sound Innovations Book #1 – 10

Audition Tips and Advice


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Having auditioned literally thousands of entertainment professionals over the years, we often get asked what constitutes a good audition. Here are some crucial dos and dont’s:

1. Always be well prepared. Make sure you know who and what you are auditioning for. If possible, try to find out who is on the audition panel. This will help add a personal touch if you get the opportunity to chat with them. Continue reading

Kids Music – The Magic of Music For Kids


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What’s so great about music? We all know that music can make us want to jump, dance, and tap our feet. But did you know that music has been linked to math scores, brain development, and anxiety relief? During the critical young ages of learning while the brain is still developing, the impact of music is at its greatest level. But even beyond the younger years, music can still play an important role, providing instruction for pre-teens, anxiety relief for adults, and even therapy for Alzheimer patients. Continue reading

Sing Me a Lullaby – The Magic of Music and Singing


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The Pied Piper used music to merrily lead children from town. Mothers and fathers have sung their little ones to sleep for centuries. Teachers use a “clean-up” song to motivate children to put their belongings in their cubby. Many of … Continue reading

Gig Alert ! Halloween @ Falconetti’s with Tobacco Brown

Saturday @ Falconetti’s.. I had a blast playing with The Sociables from Whistler – tnx guys – this week I’m back @ Falconetti’s on Commercial Drive playing with Tobacco Brown ! Loud n proud on Halloween – it’s going to be a lot of fun – if you drop by plz say hi – sending love around the world – S

vancouver live music

Sonny Live !

I’m wrapping up in T. this morning – then back in VanCity this afternoon – this is me..! onstage @ The Rickshaw with Buffalo Jones – wishing everyone a beautiful day – S

sonny rosati at the rickshaw in vancouver with buffalo jones