Three Accelerated Learning Techniques That Work for Anyone


If you’re trying to look for the best and easiest fast learning techniques, well then, I have got you covered. There are many quick learning articles and courses out there but it is hard to find something that is applicable and effective to anyone- no matter where you are, what your background is and even how old you are.

In this article, we will talk about three fast learning techniques: using music, incorporating visuals and finding a mentor. By the end of this article, I’m sure that you would be able to look at quick learning in a whole new light.

Accelerated Learning Music

This learning technique is very effective and the great thing about it is that you can use it anywhere. Just download some baroque or rococo music into your music player and you can start learning new things faster. The way music works is that it helps a person relax and focus better on the task or lesson at hand. But since these types of music are kind of upbeat too, you would be relaxed in just the right amount.

Accelerated Learning Visuals

There are a lot of people who are visual learners. But as fast learning technique, you can be an auditory, spatial or intrapersonal learner and it would still work! When you use photos, flowcharts and other types of visual aids, your brain will be more interested in it and it will help retain that new information longer and faster in your memory bank.

Accelerated Learning Mentor

Of course, there’s no denying that one of the best ways to learn quick learning is through learning from someone who is a guaranteed master in it. The truth is, there are a lot of accelerated learning courses out there today and you could easily take your pick. If you do decide to go with an speed learning mentor, be very cautious with your research and try to know as much as you can about that person. Just remember to be really careful with who you pick and make sure that you will get the best experience and fast learning techniques from your chosen mentor.

Now that we have these very simple and effective quick learning techniques out in the open, go out there and try them yourself. Remember, the best way to see and experience real results from these accelerated learning techniques is through practice. The moment that you know how to perfectly and effectively use music, visuals and mentorship programs to use, you can go out there again and find other accelerated learning techniques that can make your life so much better.

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How Edutainment Could Be The New Way Of Learning For Kids With Variety Thrown In

teaching-your-kids-the-art-of-reading-2011-9-10-3-31-2Providing kids at home with the right directions in terms of behaviour and learning is a concern for parents. It is at this tender age that they can be moulded with ideas and which leave deep imprints in their mind. Variety of activities are carried out and indulged in by the kids, who are in the play schools or just entering their full-term at schools. Even for the pre-teen kids, activities are a way to learn new things, especially such things, which can make a mark on their behavioural pattern in their grown up stages.

But, simply put, the work of training kids in the right direction is easier said than done. Children’s education and learning is always being innovated. Play schools are coming up in large numbers, where small kids below the age of 4 – 5 years are acclimatised with the school going conditions and made to learn the basics by means of pictorial and graphical representations. Beyond the play schools, when the kids are into their pre teen stage, there is still need to learn. This learning will no more be about the alphabets and rhymes.

Edutainment as the new way of learning

At the post play school years, children are required to be taught the importance of healthy communication and etiquette skills. It is at this stage that their interests and hobbies can be identified. Since every kid has a different mindset, taking personal care and giving space to grow is the key. Edutainment is the new way of learning in the 21st century, where learning is provided through entertainment. Making funkey monkeys out of the kids is not only charming but also gives them a space where their mind is more receptive.

Bringing kids under a common cause

In an environment, where kids come in contact with others of their age group, and work together towards common goal, is the essence of edutainment. By creating an environment of such kind, children can be made to learn a lot of things, although these might not be necessarily related with studies. In a way, it is about polishing the extracurricular activities and making them learn various things from a young age. As a result of such endeavour, cooking classes for kids are being started in various institutions, where edutainment is stressed upon. People want their kids to learn the basics of cooking and interested children can enrol for the cooking classes for kids, where they get together to prepare a dish, as simple as a cake, under the guidance of an expert. Even modern dance classes are found to be organised in such sessions.

Bringing together a number of kids under the same roof or in a particular occasion can be a sportive affair. By being in contact with other, etiquette skills can be brushed and this is being done by organizing indoor or outdoor birthday parties. Sometimes, children are encouraged to covert the area into balloons party place by blowing balloons and putting them in different arrangements.

There are various ways in which edutainment can be done. It is about striking a few cords of creativity and ideas to help children run will have a free flow. People are nowadays organizing such events in their communities by opening up kids’ centres or also calling for outdoor birthday parties, where a number of children come together to do something creative. In such occasions also, classes on dances and other subjects can be organised, giving a fresh look into the learning process.

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