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A Parents’ Guide To – Helping Your Child Practice Music


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Confidence While Singing – You Can Have it Too!


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Emotional Quotient

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It does not matter how intelligent you are, there is something else that will predetermine the success and happiness you are experiencing in life.

It does not matter how gifted you are, there is something else that will predetermine the success and happiness you are experiencing in life.

Actually, there is one main thing that will override everything else in life, and this one thing will predetermine what you can expect for all outcomes in your life.

What is that one thing? The most important thing a person can work on to improve the individuals life is the Emotional Quotient-EQ.

About twenty years ago, Social Scientists were researching the elements that made some people more successful than others. Although the researchers looked at many different aspects of successful individuals, they started with Intelligent Quotients (IQs). Quickly they found individuals with very low IQs, who were successful financially, as well as with their relationships, and off the chart in regards to happiness. Obviously, IQs were not a predetermining factor. Neither were the numerous other factors they studied and compared in successful individuals.

As time went on, the scientists discovered and named they felt to be essential for success and happiness-the Emotional Quotient (EQ).

The EQ is how a person handles emotions on a regular basis. The better a person handles emotions, the better life that individual possesses. The converse is true as well.

The Mental Codes® discovery I made a few years ago has helped people to understand more about the relationship between what emotions they experience and the effect they have on life.

As I have mentioned in the past, people are addicted to negative emotions. They crave negative emotions and reinforce them in any way possible. i.e. Watching the news, talking negative about people and things, having their primary focus on the negative events in life, etc.

In one of my articles, I suggested you start paying attention to your inner thoughts throughout your day. I recommended noticing if your inner thinking is in line with your desired life or are your regular thoughts counter productive to what you want?

Today I would like to take you on another journey into your mind and discover one of the most limiting factors with your thinking. Since you have identified some Mental Codes® that are keeping you stuck in life, it is time to ask yourself a simple but powerful question.

Why do you want to feel that way?

I know at first you may declare, “I do not want to feel that way but I can not help it.” The truth is, the only thing we do have control over in life is our thinking and since our thoughts create our emotions, and our emotions create our actions, and our actions create our habits, and our habits (good or bad) determine our success or failure. So you can see why it is important to control what we choose to think about most of the time. As a matter of fact, what we choose to think about will determine the rest of your life.

Thank goodness you can ask yourself the above question and give an honest answer to start upgrading your life to the next level. Everyone wants to feel the way they do for some reason. To discover the reason why you want to feel that way is the first step in accelerating your life into greater success.

As you start changing the thoughts you are allowing yourself to think (and not think), you will start to feel different emotionally. When you change your emotions, you change your life.


Dr. Michael J. Duckett


Dr. Michael J. Duckett is a world renowned Social Scientist, Speaker, International Radio and Television Host, and Author of 133 books and programs. To see how Dr. Duckett can help propel you into success, please go to


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Gifted Classrooms and the Big Debate Discussed

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Are we making a mistake when we allow marginally gifted kids to enter a class with super intelligent kids in a gifted program? This often occurs when parents demand that their kids are allowed to take classes at a higher level than they’ve actually tested for, but the school administrators okay it, because it is easier than dealing with the conflict of denying entry and having irate parents.

There was an interesting article recently in the Wall Street Journal titled’ “Do ‘Gifted’ Classes Work” which was published on June 4, 2011 in the “education category” which discussed a research paper by Sa A. Bui, Steven G. Craig, and Scott A. Imberman titled; “Is Gifted Education a Bright Idea? Accessing the Impact of Gifted and Talented Program Sustainability” – an NBER Working Paper.

In the article it noted a couple of studies, one where 2500 students were put into a gifted classroom, and due to being “barely” or “almost” certified brilliant in grade 5, then given really a tough teaching curriculum, and by grade 7 were at the same level as the other kids not in the program, also in grade 7. Another program had 550 students selected by lottery for the elite gifted classes which had extra space; “those student had done better in science than their peers not in the program but the same in math, reading, language, or social studies.”

The researchers “speculated” that the increased competition from super talented peers may have been a self-esteem challenge due to substandard grades in the tougher classes, as these kids were no longer amongst the smartest in the average classrooms. That is interesting because over the years, yes, we’ve heard a lot about fostering self-esteem and trying to keep everyone equal, but it gets pretty impossible when the levels of academic achievement and IQ are so vast.

Of course, if the marginally gifted student is in a regular class wouldn’t it also cause the below average students in that class to feel the lesser? Yes, but then where does it all end, that is to say we can’t keep everyone puffed up with happiness and high self-esteem, and to do so defeats the purpose of training and educating our children to compete in the real world, because the real-world does indeed have winners, and losers.

So, with regards to the above research, one should be asking if the challenge is with motivation and self-esteem, and actual “gifted-ness” or with the student’s lack academic discipline, perseverance, and application of self in the learning process. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this.

Lance Winslow is the Founder of the Online Think Tank, a diverse group of achievers, experts, innovators, entrepreneurs, thinkers, futurists, academics, dreamers, leaders, and general all around brilliant minds. Lance Winslow hopes you’ve enjoyed today’s discussion and topic. – Have an important subject to discuss, contact Lance Winslow.

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Crystal and Indigo Children

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Indigo Children
Indigo children are teenagers and young adults. They are naturally intuitive, perceptive, and sensitive. Many of them are psychic, creative and although they don’t usually do well in school, they seem to “know” everything. Unfortunately most Indigo’s are diagnosed with ADHD and put on medications to control their hyperactivity and attention deficit. Sadly when they are medicated they lose their unique personality traits and spiritual gifts. They do have trouble focusing and need to channel their energy into their passion and gifts. They do not do well in the traditional educational system, they do not conform well and have a rebellious spirit.

These kids have strong personalities and are warrior spirits here to pave the way for the new world. They are “system busters” and here to quash systems without integrity that are not ethical and productive such as our current governmental, educational, and healthcare systems. To do that they need to have hot tempers and fierce determination. If you are the parent of an Indigo, like I am, your job has probably not been easy. You can throw out the rulebooks when it comes to parenting an Indigo. They definitely have minds of their own and like to be in control.

Many of these kids are gifted and will be our future artists and healers they just need help focusing their energy and finding a creative outlet. They have extremely strong bonds with children, animals, and nature. They connect easily with the spirit realm and sense spirits and angels. They are sensitive to energies and it is not unusual for them to have the need to shower often. They can be extremely messy and disorderly because they have a difficult time focusing. They have personalities that are bigger than life and because of their sensitivities it is easy for them to fall into addictive behavior. Their brains functions differently and theses kids are actually wise beyond their years and misunderstood. We have a lot we can learn from these special and gifted kids.

Indigo Children are very responsive to love and love others very much. They are open, non-judgemental and love without prejedice. They see the beauty in others. They know what is right, have strong convictions and beliefs, and will stand up for them. If they feel they are unfairly disciplined, they will stand up to the parent or authority figure. Fighting for what they believe is right is a common trait of Indigos. These kids are here to teach us the basics of true unconditional love.

Crystal Children
The crystal children are the children usually born since the year 2000. In contrast to the Indigo children, these children are loving and peaceful spirits, incredibly gifted and natural healers. They radiate love! The first thing you will notice about a Crystal child is their eyes, large, deep, and penetrating. They are extremely kind and sensitive. These children are connected to the spiritual realm, many of them see and talk to angels, they are usually picky eaters preferring healthy foods, fruits and vegetables. They prefer whole foods of the earth over junk food. Of course they will indulge ice cream and treats too, they are children!

Many of them have delayed speech patterns and many are diagnosed with autism. They have the ability to communicate telepathically and can do quite well. These children are extraordinarily gifted, many child geniuses are being born in this group. They are multi-talented, creative and our future healers. Many Crystal Children have the gift of healing even as a child. They are so full of love and have such pure hearts that their mere presence on earth lifts the vibration and helps us to raise consciousness. Crystal Children have more activated DNA strands than adults. It’s not uncommon for Crystal Children to be fascinated with crystals and rocks. Crystal children intuitively know about the magical properties of crystals and how to use them for healing.

Indigo and Crystal Adults
As our consiousness rises many of us adults are become more Indigo and more Crystal. As our consciousness evolves, we become more full of love and light and our hearts become purer. As we purify our hearts and hold more light, we activate more of our DNA and devolop more of our talents and gifts and become more “Christ like”. In some ways we are all becoming more Crystal and Indigo. Our world is making an evolutionary leap into consciousness and as we as a group raise our own vibration, we raise the vibration of the planet and create a better world.

Healing for Children
I have conducted many Healing Sessions for children. I see in my sessions how early children pick up limiting beliefs from parents. Judgements, divorce and custody disputes can affect them. Children are precious and its unfortuante to see their beliefs clouded by disapproval and lack of affection when they are so full of love. Many Indigos suffer a from a lot of rage from having to fit in to a traditional system and not being able to fully express themselves. If they have suffered emotional traumas it always helps to release those before they become adults.

They can also greatly benefit from an Intensive Healing session. I know how frustrating it can be to raise and Indigo and the countless hours spent in doctors offices and with counselors. Many of these kids can also end up in the juvenile system and spend a lot of time in the counseling office at school. Many of them don’t finish school but don’t let that worry you too much. They are full of potential!

The sessions can help them release rage, reconnect spiritually, and have a sense of purpose and direction that will help them get on the right path. For older children I prefer to always have their permission. Healing is always the most effective when someone wants it for themselves.


Rebecca Jenkins is an Intuitive Energy Healer. She performs remote healings successfully around the world. Her goal is to help others attain health, happiness, and love in all areas of their lives. She can be reached at


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