Confidence While Singing – You Can Have it Too!


Feel so jittery that you absolutely can’t get up and have a go at showing everybody your inner Pavarotti? You are not the only one! Many professional singers get nerves before they sing live! However, that’s not a reason to refrain from singing. Here are a few tips for you:

1. Generally, the most difficult time when performing live is the first time. After you’ve gone through that, the next performances are markedly easier!

2. Karaoke with friends is a great way to build confidence! No one really minds if you screw up in the middle of the song. Plus, they probably won’t notice anyway!

3. Don’t worry about screwing up – it’s an experience to learn from. People in fact are more understanding than you think, they will not mind if you make mistakes. In this case, you are the one most critical about yourself.

4. Pick a song that you are very familiar with. This will help you concentrate on enjoying, rather than worrying if you “remember the next line” or “how did that bit sound again?”.

5. Take in a deep breath, and smile as you walk up on stage. This will show the crowd that you aren’t nervous. (Even if you’re a wreck inside)

6. Once you’re on stage, clear your mind. Just play the song in your head. Relax. Once the music starts, do not think about screwing up, or that “that guy over there is picking his nose” and things like that. This is a common mistake people make, distracting themselves to get rid of their nervousness. It just screws up your singing.

7. If you’re scared stiff on stage, try to avoid looking at the crowd. Focus on an object slightly below the horizon. This “looks” like you’re looking at the crowd.

8. If you find yourself fidgeting on stage, and just can’t stop it, go with the flow. Sway a bit, make it look like you’re enjoying the song. Walk around the stage. Bop to the rhythm. Make up a random dance move. Or do a parody of a signature dance move of someone famous. Michael Jackson’s is absolutely great to have fun with. Moonwalk, anyone? However, do these if you are very comfortable with the song. If you aren’t, just stick to the walking and bopping!

9. If you really have stage fright or are not at all comfortable, get your guitar and strum some chords while singing. Shout out to the crowd to join in. Ask them to sing along, or clap. It’s a great crowd-involvement-thing, and will cover any possible mistakes.

That’s it! Now go out, and show off your skills!


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