Healing Depression with Music


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It was aptly said that music is the medicine for broken hearts. No matter how practical and analytical you are, music will touch your heart removing all the obstacles of logic. Have you ever felt how a certain track reminds you of a particular incident, or a special someone? Have you ever asked yourself why Careless Whisper makes you cry? Summer of 69 reminds you of your school days? Yes, music is much more powerful than we can imagine. Music can make us laugh and cry and remind us of our past, can make a moment special with its magical touch, even a certain melody can take us to a flashback tour. There are songs which remain very close to our hearts through out our lives, is not it?

No wonder music will be able to elevate your spirit while you are feeling blue, no matter how bad you feel. You can actually get over stress, depression and anxiety with the help of music. Could you ever imagine that music can heal a number of physical and mental problems? There are specific illnesses and conditions, like stress, chronic pain, insomnia, addictions, smoking, cardiovascular illnesses, post-traumatic-stress syndrome, panic disorder/anxiety, overweight, anorexia, bulimia, depression, low self-esteem, stress, creative or emotional blocks, anger, fear, sadness, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, inner child processing (adults), stress and insomnia for the pregnant woman, anxiety and pain during birth, colic and anxiety in the newborn infant, breastfeeding, emotional armor, conflicts, infertility, cancer, anger, AIDS, infection, fear, lack of self-respect, immune system suppression, scleroderma, frustration, individual transformational music, self-reflection, heightened awareness, relaxation, and inspiration. Today let me tell you how you can get over depression with the help of music;

Step 1: You need to select appropriate music for you, depending upon how you are feeling right now. If you are feeling really low, you might think that a peppy music will help you to change your mood. But the notion is wrong; it might make you feel irritated. So you need to choose a song to match your mood. You, at first, need to prepare a proper sequence so that the music can help you. You can create your own music track and save it for future use. When you are depressed, choose the song which will take you to the deepest depression and play it at first. Then the next song should be of mild depression followed by a neutral composition. Then end it with a composition which is really uplifting and motivating. This is the proper sequence of a music therapy to heal depression. You can increase the number of compositions depending on your availability of time and your personal requirement.

Step 2: You should not listen to music with your head phone; rather you should use speakers so that every cell of your body can intake the rhythm and vibration of the music and let the whole atmosphere in the room fill with music.

Step 3: Women, let your hair down, loosen your tight outfit; settle yourself down in a way that most relaxing. Men, loosen your tie knot, lie down and relax, take deep breath while you relax.

Step 4: Now close your eyes and just listen to the music compositions and let your heart, mind and soul go with it. Just release yourself from the logical bindings, set your mind free. If you feel like crying, just do it! There is nothing wrong in it, you cannot imagine how venting-out bitter and harmful emotions like anger, pain, frustration, hopelessness can heal inner wounds. So cry your heart out, I bet you will feel as if a 20 pound weight has been removed from your heart.

Step 5: You need to pre-plan your time so that you do not get interrupted till the end of this session. Make sure that you are not involved in any type of activities during the session to avoid disturbance. This will help you to receive optimum response to the transformation process.

Step 6: While you listen to the music, allow it to reach your inner self just like Enrique sings “All I need is the rhythm divine, lost in the music your heart will be mine…can you feel the rhythm!”…respond freely to it. The way of response can be different to everyone, you may experience the glimpses from the past, or visual images, thoughts, intensified emotions, sleep, physical vibration (you may feel like dancing) etc. Set yourself free and do whatever you feel like, do not restrict any emotion.

Step 7: When the music stops, do not get up and get back to your routine. Sit and enjoy the silence and give yourself time to get back from the world of rhythm.

Step 8: If you can keep a record of your daily report of your mental condition before and after the music session, to measure the improvement. Keeping record is helpful but not very important.

You will sense the difference yourself, I need not tell you how you ate going to feel after passing an hour with music. Let me tell you that a plant’s growth increases if music is played near it, even a dying sapling can be revived my music. Music is the spring of unending positive vibration and power which can comfort any ailing living being, physically or mentally. There is a very strong relationship between body and mind which we can not just deny because science has not been able to analyze it properly till now. Music heal mind and mind heals body, this is the mantra of music. Try the musical tips to heal your depression and let me know how you felt after that!


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