How to Train Your Voice by Singing Karaoke

singing lessons north vancouverYou might be surprised to know you can learn to sing by karaoke backing tracks but yes you can. It is a practice for learning to listen as well as to sing too.

We all can make some kind of noise whether it is squeaky high pitched or very nice and neutral. We need to be able to sing different tones in our voices not just making noise or screeching. There is a way to help you in controlling these various sounds by using the backing tracks which can be used as a tool like any endeavour. This tool will help you to sing and to keep yourself in tune as you belt out the song.

When a person is doing some training in the scales it is so much more different to the training you get with the karaoke machine. When you are singing along with the karaoke track you are not just singing certain notes but you are actually singing a tune. A song will not always follow the notes which are taught when doing scale training but then you are using your voice muscles in a very different way from the scales. Also it will be so much more interesting too.

For instance with the scales you will be required to hit the very high notes and then the low ones too but with singing a song with the karaoke backing tracks the notes will be more predictable as the notes follow each other. In this way you will be using the muscles in your voice box differently than if you would be doing the scale training. This is a great way to be singing songs without all the scale practice.

Your favorite song which you love to listen to is it within your singing range? When you are starting to sing then you have some difficulty reaching the higher notes and especially if your voice is not in that range. Choosing the songs within that range of singing to meet your voice is so critical as you do not want to strain your vocal chords. There will be a lot of repetition when you are learning the song and to record yourself when you are singing along with the karaoke track will help you to see where you need to improve.

When you record yourself you will be able to hear the differences from the original sound track and where you need improvement as to whether you hit the note without going pitchy and did you like your own sound. One thing you could do is lower the octave of the song if it is too high for your voice or higher if that is what your voice dictates.

Learning to sing is not as big a deal as you thought it would be so enjoy yourself and with the karaoke backing tracks you will be singing before an audience before you know it. The main thing is that you enjoy it as you are learning.

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