Color and Music – The essential pieces of an emotionally brighter day

north vancouver music lessonsColor and Music – Emerging Healing Properties

The use of conventional drugs and medicinal practice has made our body weaker and more prone to diseases. The continuous use of these drugs has serious side effects causing us to fall ill more often and heal back slower each time. The need to have less harmful and more beneficial remedies has led to the development of a branch of medicine called Alternative Medicine. Alternative Medicine gives us a healthier substitute to scientifically engineered drugs.

Alternative Medicine is not just about the medicine administered to a patient but about the complete physical and psychological healing of an individual. There are a wide range of choices you can make when you are being treated through alternative medicine procedures. They range from Manipulative therapies and Energy therapies to Biological based therapies.

Many of these therapies exist for centuries together, but there are a few of them which are gaining fast approval among patients around the world these days. Two very interesting healing techniques being used are:

1. Color Therapy
2. Music therapy

1. Color Therapy
The first quality that attracts us in anything that we see is its color. Whether it be land, trees, animals, fire or just plain objects in our day to day life, an attractive color makes a lasting impression on our mind. This unconscious observation by our mind has taken a form of therapy called the ‘Color therapy”. This procedure uses colors to create an effect on the patients mind which results in complete healing.

The principle behind this therapy is that the world is made of color and each color is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum which gives energy to the entire universe. Various levels of energy are emitted by the various intensities of light and this fact can be used in therapy to allow the free flow of energy from individual to individual. Each color carries its own healing property.

In a typical session of Color Therapy, the patient is exposed to colors of different shades based on the ailment he or she suffers from for a certain amount of time. The color stimulates the body’s healing process and aims at rejuvenating the energy centers within the body.

The basic functions of primary colors are listed below:

• Stimulates blood flow and produces heat to energize the body.
• Causes undesirable effects on mentally disturbed people and people with extreme temperaments.

• Cures insomnia and improves verbal efficiency.
• Causes cold and constriction of muscles

• Has a calming effect, physically and mentally
• Causes growth of cancers and tumors

• Wards off hatred and negative emotions
• Causes Depression and Fear

2. Music Therapy
Music is found to be the most soothing exercise to the ears. It has immense calming effects on a person and is usually the most enjoyable hobby for any. Listening to music has been learned to heal ailments and this principle is used to treat people physically, emotionally, mentally, socially and aesthetically.

Sound Therapy, as it is also called uses music to stimulate the electrical activity in the brain’s left and right hemispheres. This sets of deep inner healing through the right combination of sounds. Now the kind of music which can heal us is quite different from the kind of music we like to hear. In a typical session of Music Therapy, the therapist uses a percussion or tuned instrument which along with his or her voice creates an activity in the brain which has been observed to give out perfect sinusoidal patterns.

The kinds of ailments Music therapy has effectively improved are listed below:

For patients recovering from strokes- Patients dealing with post stroke therapy were counseled using music therapies which helped regain motor skills and also enhanced their emotional well being.

For epilepsy patients- It has been found that listening to Mozart’s piano sonata K448 can reduce the number and intensity of seizures in people suffering from epilepsy.

Therefore Color Therapy and Music therapy are being increasingly used as prominent branches of Alternative Medicine. They have very little or no sides effects and are certainly reliable.

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