Voice Training Lessons Achieve a Clear Strong Voice


When you are first beginning to sing there are many fundamental vocal skills that you must achieve. Mastering these skills enable you to build upon them later to acquire more advanced professional vocal skills. They also help you develop good singing habits to take with you into your singing career, such as developing a clear, strong voice. Having a clear, strong voice is an essential foundation for advancing your vocal skills as your voice develops.

Having a clear, strong voice sets the stage for greater vocal range, increased voice projection, strong breath support, and improve vocal pitch and tone. These skills require practice to master and are most often learned through voice training lessons. These skills may be more quickly learned, however when you partner voice training lessons with simple lifestyle alterations.

Developing a clear, strong voice not only involves the vocal cords but the larynx as a whole. Just like the vocal cords, the larynx is also subject to external physiological changes which can also affect the voice. Some of these physiological changes can include a woman’s menstrual cycle, which can affect the voice as well as external factors like weather and climate. Wet climates or summer weather with increased humidity can cause extra moisture and mucous build up in the larynx and vocal cords while more dry climates or winter seasons may dry out the larynx more quickly and require you to consume larger amounts of water.

Other external factors that can affect developing a clear, strong voice may involve lifestyle habits. Your diet as well as exercise routines (or lack thereof) can have a great effect on your singing voice. If you commonly feel weak and have difficulty projecting or attaining vocal strength then you may need to alter your diet away from energy draining foods, such as alcohol, or large amounts of carbohydrates. Dairy products in particular have been known to cause harmful effects on the voice. This is because dairy products are highly acidic, causing mucous production. This excess mucous production can build up in the larynx and around the vocal cords making it more difficult to sing with clarity as well as making it more difficult to project your voice overall.

Caffeine and alcohol can also have profound effects on your singing voice. Alcohol in particular is a depressant and can make singing more difficult. Excessive consumption of alcohol can be detrimental to singing as consuming large amounts of alcohol begins to affect muscle motor control, including the vocal cords and the vocal muscles around them. Losing control of your vocal cords then reduces clarity and strength of your singing voice.

Achieving a clear and strong singing voice is fundamental to acquiring professional singing skills. There are several voice training lessons. which can help you master these foundational skills and improve your singing voice. You can learn more about these exercises and how you can use them to drastically improve your singing voice through voice training lessons.

As a third generation child of music (My grandmother is a proficient organist and pianist, my mother a classically trained vocalist and music educator) I have had the joy of being raised in an environment that fostered musical creativity. This creativity I was able to express both on stage vocally and as a part of musical theater. It has allowed me to participate in my community and challenge myself academically. I have found the quest for vocal improvement to be both enlightening and challenging and take every opportunity I can to further my learning.

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