Choosing the Best Karaoke for Your Voice


You have made the choice to go to a specific bar on a specific night just because they advertise karaoke. You probably did not mean for you to go up and sing, but to rope some unsuspecting friend into volunteering for a few songs. But, somehow, you ended up the one next up to sing. The key to handling this type of embarrassing moment is in choosing a great song for karaoke.

The first rule of choosing a great song for karaoke is to avoid anything sung by a diva. Whitney Houston songs, Celine Dion songs, Barbra Streisand songs–they all are just too dramatic and have been sung by the best so anything you try will just seem incredibly weak.

If you are a good singer choose a classic song that everyone likes. Folk songs or songs from the ’60’s are good choices. Do not try to be dramatic or too serious. A light-hearted song is best. However, if you really have a taste for the cheesy love songs make it a love song to remember. Get down on one knee, use whatever acting skills you can to make it seem like a bad soap opera.

If you are a poor singer choose a song that you can present with humor. Be bold and really ham it up. Country songs are great for this type of moment. Put a twang in your voice and play it up to the audience. If you can choose a song that the audience will want to sing along with that is even better. They will be so involved in their own sing-a-long that they will not be critiquing your singing. You are allowed to dance along while singing, but it should be an obvious spoof on some real dancers.

When you get behind the microphone do not act shy and silly. Giggling is not allowed. You need to project a confidence in yourself, even if you are a terrible singer. Do not tell the audience how you did not want to be chosen or how nervous you are. The audience does not care about that. Take the microphone as if you deserve to be up there. Step up, open your mouth, and belt out that song.

Take the microphone and your singing down to the audience. Play up to the crowd. Pat a bald man on the head. Sing to the oldest woman in the audience. Avoid harassing a couple if it looks like it could cause jealousy. You do not want a scene by a jealous girlfriend. Use your time in the spotlight to shine!

When your song is done take a long and extremely dramatic bow before heading back to your table. Beg your friends not to post pictures on Facebook. Laugh at yourself and try to move on with your evening. Then start cajoling one of your friends to take their turn up on the stage. At least that way you can have some pictures of your own to post as revenge.

Author loves going to sing at a local Austin karaoke [] bar.

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