Walking Like a Preschooler Improves Mental Health

a little about “playful” walking – from Hypnosis Vancouver – sending love – S

Hypnosis Vancouver

Live life like a child

Have you ever taken a walk with a preschooler? If not, I highly recommend it. Strolling along at preschool-pace is good for your mental health.

Here is how a preschooler takes a walk: “Oh, look, here is a pretty rock! Wow, it sure is shiny and smooth. I see black and gray all swirled up together. I like how it feels kind of cold in my hand. I think I’ll keep it!” She stuffs the rock in her pocket and takes a couple more steps.

“Oohh! A lady bug!” She crouches down to bug level on the path. “It sure is tiny. Black and red and spotted. I think I’ll count its legs. Wonder where this bug is going? I think I’ll watch it for awhile and see.” She sits down and intently watches the lady bug as if she has all the time in the world. Five minutes pass…

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