Music is for Everyone..

Because.. well she’s in Calgary now.. but – when I needed someone to accompany my All-Star flutes & clarinets during the exams – I chose my good friend Beth.. not only because she’s one of the best on piano – but because I needed someone I could trust – to take care of my kids when I couldn’t be there & I knew they we’re scared – tnx B – this one was easy – because.. gifted people stick together – sending love over the mountains – I love you

Gig Alert ! Sonny Live on Commercial Drive !!!

Gig Alert ! loud ‘n proud – Sunshine Express coming through – I’ll be playing with Matt Hoyles this Saturday November 15, and next Friday November 21 @ Falconetti’s East Side Grill – if you drop by plz say hi – sending love around the world – S

commercial drive music

Gig Alert ! Halloween @ Falconetti’s with Tobacco Brown

Saturday @ Falconetti’s.. I had a blast playing with The Sociables from Whistler – tnx guys – this week I’m back @ Falconetti’s on Commercial Drive playing with Tobacco Brown ! Loud n proud on Halloween – it’s going to be a lot of fun – if you drop by plz say hi – sending love around the world – S

vancouver live music