My 5 Favorite Ways How to Get Gig’s

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Some of you out there are just starting up a band and you want to get a gig. You are probably so excited to play in front of an audience that you can hardly sleep. How you go about getting a gig will determine how good the venue is.

So I have compiled my 5 favorite ways to get your band out there.

1. Open Mic Night: This might be the easiest way for a small group to get out there and get some gigs but it is also good for a full band. At first you are going to be unknown so you need to be visible.

One or two of you should practice a few songs as a duet. Play the open mic for fun and get to know some of the regulars, become a regular and support others. Remember that friends like to help out friends. If you do a good job you will be getting offers to open up for other groups as well as getting shows at your open mic spot. By going this route you also build in an audience that knows you and will travel to see you…

2. Demo Drop Off: This one works well but it takes more work. The demo that you drop off should sound good. It does not have to be a high tech, super quality CD. It does need to be professional looking and have a sound that the listener can enjoy.

Also be prepared to make a follow up call a week later. So when you go into the place you are scoping out get a business card and ask who is in charge of the booking. Drop off your demo and move on to the next place. Be friendly and try to make a good impression so they remember you when you call.

3Craigslist.orgI am not sure that there is anything that Craigslist can’t do… You can look in the musicians section for places looking for bands/musicians and you can post and ad for a gig…

4. Throw a party: Obviously you are going to need to have a place that can accommodate a large group of people and a lot of noise. The good thing about this is that if you get good at it you can go into business for your self as a promoter as well as a band. The down side is you are responsible for everything that goes on where ever the party is. That is why this is not closer to the top of my list.

5. Busking: Busking is the practice of performing in a public place for tips and gratuities. This is a difficult way to go but it also has some big payoffs.

The down side is that you are not going to be wanted everywhere you go (no matter how good your song is). Be sure to have the proper permissions before you go about busking. Many cities have permits that you have to pay a few bucks for. Others don’t allow it at all, so go forward at your won risk.

The up side to busking is that you are seen by thousands of folks a day. Many will give you tips if they like you, you will meet some very cool folks (as well as some real weirdo’s) and you are getting valuable “stage” experience.

So that is it, those are my 5 favorite ways to get a gig. No matter how you go about getting a gig, the most important thing is to take action now. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

I am alumni of Berklee College of Music, a songwriter and music teacher who aspires to helping musicians of all levels and ages attain their learning goals. For more music tips go to [] and read my blog. For a better understanding of my perfect practice system and my 9 secrets to better music see my free video at [] and opt in for the musicians quote of the day.

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