Singing Audition Tips to Help You Get That Singing Career


If you have been following American Idol on television, you can probably point out some tips from the judges’ criticisms on the auditions and you can now probably figure out what makes them say ‘no’ to these singers trying to get through the auditions.

If you have been singing and you want to develop your craft, going to talent shows in your hometown or performing in clubs and theaters can be a good way to practice your talent and learn good singing audition tips that you can use in bigger competitions like American Idol.

Getting a big break in singing mostly involves giving a good audition so if you are auditioning to get a singing career or getting a prize, here are some singing audition tips you can add in your list for a good audition performance.

* Know the competition. It is always wise to know the competition or the show you are auditioning for. Be informed of the guidelines and rules, the time you are allowed to sing your audition piece, if you are allowed to bring instruments or what kind of accompaniment is needed. It will also help if you can research a bit on what is the show about and if it is a talent competition, you may want to check on what are the kinds of singing they reject or accept in the past.

* Know your voice. You should be able to familiarize yourself about the details of you singing talent. Know the range that you are comfortable with and the types of songs that are best for your voice. Know your weaknesses and strengths as well when it comes to singing.

* Pick an audition piece that suits your personality, your image and your voice. The way you look can also affect your total appeal in an audition so make sure you sing something that fits your image. Be careful also in your choice of song. If you think about singing a big song to impress the judges, but it is very risky for your range, don’t even think about it. Right song choice is one of the singing audition tips often heard in American Idol – so learn from it.

* Do not think try very hard to sound like the original artist. Just try to be you. You can also be creative with your song but do not overdo it to the point of ruining the song.

* Consider the lyrics of your song. Choose something that is appropriate for your age and something that you can relate to. It could also help you to interpret the song better. Avoid sexually explicit or offensive lyrics, and memorize the words.

* Practice your piece. Even if you have known the song since you were a child, it pays to rehearse and be creative. You can always get a vocal coach so you can be properly guided.

* Be presentable. Dress well and appropriately. The way you present yourself to the judges may break your chance of getting that good singing career.

* Be confident. Auditions can be nerve-wracking and feeling nervous about it is normal, but don’t let your nerves ruin your chance. Have a little breathing exercise before you go to the audition room. Think of enjoying your performance at the same time giving your best.

* Prepare two songs for your audition. This is one of the singing audition tips that some often forget. At times, you will be asked to perform another song, so always be prepared with two audition pieces.

Carolyn Anderson is a freelance author who enjoys writing about entertainment. If you are looking for tips on American Idol auditions, check out American Idol Advantage. If you love posting your music videos on the internet, check out Easy Web Video to convert your videos to internet ready format.

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