Should You Expect More From Your Children?

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The title of this article leads to a mighty serious question; should you expect more from your children? Are we talking five year old kids or teens? What about adult children? What are our expectations and why do we have them?

When we’re expecting our children to live up to our expectations and we are strict about it, then sure enough, somewhere, there is going to be someone crying, “Foul!” For the first time in our history, the U.S. is really falling behind in education. Where my generation would rise to any challenge put forth by the world; kids today would rather take the easy way out. Why not take the easy way? That’s actually what they’ve been taught. Funny thing though, every generation has taken the easy way out. It’s not just the kids of today.

I was never pressured to get straight As in class, but I had friends that were. Some of them did better in life than me, and some, not so great. We each have a different way to measure our success. When it gets reported in the news that our children won’t know how to deal with a world economy and, that Asia will easily take over because their children are prodded into classroom competition, until we get to what is considered the future, we’re not going to know the truth of it all.

Asia may have stricter parents when it comes to an education, but we have college dropouts that change the world; thank you Bill Gates. In the U.S. we appreciate the artist in business more than most recognize. Facebook probably wouldn’t be what it is today if Mark Zuckerberg hadn’t crossed certain boundaries and, like an artist, Create! Create! Create!

Our children of the day may appear to be lazy in many respects to our past, but in truth, we’re not going to know just how lazy our expectations are about their future, until another 50 years. People, wake up! We’re about to match the computer with the human brain and do things that have been unfathomable before. It’s a different world and kids today that grew up with computers keyboards at their fingertips are going to be at a disadvantage to the youth that have the keyboard implanted in their brain. Do you see where this is going?

We expect our kids to expect more of themselves and do great work, but we’re going off of old information. Though I believe that children of the day don’t take their education seriously enough, I do agree that what they’re often being taught is a waste of time. many may disagree but, most human beings are geniuses, they’ve just never been taught to live up to that level of expectation.

I’m sure if I suggested that we move algebra to begin at the age of seven or second grade, instead of where it is now, I’d catch a lot of flack by people who don’t understand how smart human beings really are. As a matter of fact, there are psychology groups that would have you believe a seven year old isn’t capable or mature enough to grasp the concepts of algebra or calculus at such an early age. To that I say, “There are many kids that are doing it right now at age five. Perhaps if you “expected” more from your child, then they too would understand it.”

How can a five year old understand algebra? Are they just gifted children? Sometimes, yes, but mostly, they’re gifted by parents that nurture the child’s mind. Don’t hate the messenger but, we expect more from our children because we wish we had expected more of ourselves.


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