3 Steps to Promote Your Band – Be Seen to Promote Your Band


Many times, unsigned bands will spend a boat load of time mastering their music, but very little time on band promotion. Developing a plan on how to promote your band is probably the most important yet over looked task that unsigned artists face. This article will give you 3 steps to promote your band. If you are not doing these 3 steps, then make sure you start immediately to gain the exposure you band needs.

Play Live Shows

It sounds too obvious, I know. But you would be surprised at how many unsigned bands fail at this one. Even if your band doesn’t make a dime from the gig, make sure you still do live shows as often as you can. After all, this is the best place to distribute your CDs and shirts to your fans. Odds are, if people like your music they will buy your CD after the show and check out your website later. Many bands followed this exact path and it led to stardom down the road. Personally, I can remember watching local bands and becoming a fan of theirs simply because I saw a free show. You’ll gain fans this way, and fans are who pay your bills.

Record Your Live Shows

Have your girlfriend make a video of some of your band’s performances. You can then promote your band on YouTube and Facebook and such. Make sure to post your video on your blog or website. If you would like your band to get signed, then this is a must. Record labels look for stuff like this, so don’t over look it.

Attend Other Gigs

Make sure you support the other local bands in your area. Attend their shows and bump elbows with their fans. Make it a point to talk to the other bands in your area also. Maybe you can work out a deal where you can open for one of their shows in the near future. This is a task that a band manager or a band promoter would normally do, but since you don’t have the funds just yet, all the band promotion is up to you. Another thing, when you ‘re at the other local gigs, pass out some band promotion materials like CDs and shirts. Your gifts will be appreciated.

Let’s face it, developing strategies on how to promote your band may not be the most fun thing in the world to do, but until you can afford to hire a band manager or a band promoter it’s just a necessary evil. Savvy?


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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Shane_M._M._Boyd

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