Discover How Music Can Help Disabled Children


Modern science is proving what people have always intuitively known about music; music has the power to heal. Whether using percussion instruments or piano or guitar, the impact is the same; music can soothe the soul and also serve as a bridge between very different people.

At their core, humans are essentially social creatures; we need to communicate with other people. Disabled children often feel alienated from their peers in school and feel that they stand out in public places. There may not be many opportunities for others to get to know them. Disabled children still have all the same basic needs as other children; they need to feel connected.

Music is something that can be shared regardless of age and communication capabilities which is why music has always been a good means for people to express themselves. Piano and guitar are commonly used but percussion instruments are the instruments of choice for children with disabilities and may have better healing properties than other instruments as well due to their strong beat. No formal training is needed to enjoy using a drum yet there is still room for improvement and instruction.

The rhythm in music can have a profound impact on the brain itself, particularly if the beat is a strong one. Brainwaves will actually synchronize to the beat of the music; a faster beat will make the brain more alert and slower beats will be calming. In this way it is possible to positively influence an entire group of children at once. Over time these sessions can train a disabled child’s brain to shift states faster as needed which is important on a day-to-day basis.

Music also has a positive impact on the child’s state of mind making them feel happier, more optimistic and even more loved than before. Sharing music either in a one-to-one situation with an instructor or in a group setting can improve the emotional health of the child leading to a higher quality of life overall. Music can also serve as a means of expression for children who lack the linguistic ability to communicate clearly; as others around them hear their music they feel a sense of connectivity that they lack in their everyday lives.

Music can make a positive impact in the lives of disabled children and is a worthwhile addition that brings the joy back to everyday life. Music enables all children to feel a sense of achievement and build confidence.


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