Important Singing Tip – Posture Matters!


In a world overwhelmed with information, everyone is looking for that one singing tip that will help them gain a little higher range, or produce a more pure tone. Whether you are a novice vocalist looking to improve and develop a budding voice or an experienced vocalist striving to set his voice on a higher level, everyone is searching for that one unique singing tip that will work wonders on their voice.

In that rampant search for the “new” and “better,” it is sometimes easy to overlook the fundamental, basic singing tips that really do do wonders with your voice. One of the most important aspects of singing is comprised in one little singing tip that should never be overlooked.

That simple singing tip is: Posture. Proper posture is one of the most essential singing tips because it affects so many aspects of the body. We can all remember as middle-school students being reminded incessantly by a well-intentioned teacher to “sit up straight,” or by our mothers at the dinner table reminding us “not to slouch.” There is much wisdom in those words, especially for a vocalist.

Posture has multiple affects on one’s body. The alignment of the spine can affect the hip joints, shoulder and neck joints, which in turn affect the strain placed on the muscles of those joints and how that strain affects the muscle adjacent to it and the joint it connects to… and well I think you get the picture how posture has a “domino affect” on the rest of the body. For a vocalist, it is this “domino affect” that can either hinder or help improve upon the quality of one’s voice.

The affect that proper posture can have on one’s voice is profound. Just think about the affect improper posture, or “slouching” has on your body. When one slouches, the shoulders are pushed forward. The torso hunches over forward causing the rib cage to compress the stomach and other digestive organs. For a vocalist, this compression limits the space necessary for complete expansion of the diaphragm. The diaphragm is the muscle that allows for the expansion of the lungs which provides adequate and necessary breath support. By practicing proper posture, one relieves the tension on shoulder and neck muscles, opens up the air stream through the trachea, and opens up the abdomen so the chest cavity can expand for proper breath support. And utilizing maximum breath support not only increases projection, but improves the quality of one’s vocal tone.

This simple singing tip: improving posture, can have the most profound affect on your voice and help even the most inexperienced person who wants to learn how to improve singing. So how can you improve your posture? A very simple way to “check” your posture is to stand upright in the anatomical position. (This means that you are standing flat-footed on a level surface with your arms to the sides, palms facing forward.) It is in this position that your body may feel as though it is properly aligned. However, by rising up on the tip of your toes you may feel your back arch slightly and shoulders move back. It is in this position that your body is properly aligned and that will greatly aid in improving the quality of your voice.

Proper posture is a key singing tip because it is essential to building breath support as well as strengthening the muscles necessary to improve your singing. It is a singing tip that is fundamental and essential to developing a professional quality voice. Even professional and celebrity vocalists recognize the necessity of perfecting basic skills like proper posture.

The most successful of singers are always searching for singing tips to help them improve their voices and many do so through taking voice lessons online!

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