Short Jokes and Fun for a Successful Life

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Happiness comes when we enjoy what we are doing. There are two enemies of our cheerfulness, one is taking wrong path and second is keep on working with zero interest. They snatch our laughter and enjoyment of life. The short jokes get unable to make you laugh at that moment. At that point of time, you feel lots negative energy and things seem impossible to you.

If you are going through this situation, you must take immediate actions to overcome the circumstances. Many times, god wants us to go through lots of ups and downs to polish our patience and will power, so nothing is permanent. Just face the situation and refresh yourself with laughter and fun. Laughter is really very important to live life. There are lots of short jokes and one liner jokes to share when you feel depressed. Now when you laugh, you feel refresh and your mind start working. You can take best steps to change your destiny. You start watching the reality of life and do what you really want to do. Do the things what make you feel happy. Find your career into that occupation in which your interest exists.

There are some important things in life that we need to follow:-


  • Don’t take the things at heart.
  • You can share short jokes to find the reason for laughter.
  • Never forget the important of laughter.
  • Love the life and be positive.
  • Follow your passion.
  • Enjoy with friends and family.
  • Respect your parents and teachers.


Life is nothing without enjoyment. It makes the life interesting and worth living. Nobody likes Sad faces. Smile works like a charger and it gives us energy to move forward in life. You can study all successful man’s history and there is one thing common in them and that is confident smile. It shows our will power and our attitude. The absence of cheerfulness hurts a lot.

Always remember that when you laugh, you are not making only yourself happy but your family and friends also feel happy. It satisfies lots of people around us. Cracking some short jokes, sharing your funny incidence and laughing on funny shows, make you more healthy, more energetic, more attractive and it costs nothing.

I know that everyone wants to spend good and quality time but many people have fear of rejection. You need to just do a start. Believe me, it is not that tough. Make a routine of having fun in your real life to be more confident.

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