Overcome Stage Fright With Hypnosis


Let’s face it.. there are a bunch of us who get the butterflies before we step on stage, hit record in the studio, or read for a part at an audition. For some people this can make or break their performance before they even begin. But it’s not just about stepping in front of an audience. Some just have difficulty getting the best out of their performance in certain settings, like the studio or reading for a certain director. We understand.. & we’d like to help.

Hypnosis for Overcoming Performance Anxiety !

Have you tried all of the tricks and you still can’t get the words out right? Do you still have trouble introducing yourself to strangers? Have you tried to calm your mind and steady your nerves with Hypnosis?

It might sound a little strange at first.. But Hypnosis from a trained expert is a great way for quieting the nerves – & when you quiet your nerves – your real performance can begin.

Did you know.. ?

Sonny has been a practicing Hypnotist for a long time.. It’s been almost 14 years since he left Hypnosis School and began helping with hypnosis…

Here’s a link to some of the old TV clips – http://thesunnyside.net/about/

Sonny has been bouncing around a bit this summer but he’s back home in Vancouver, and helping Actors, Musicians, Speakers, Comedians, Sales People, Teachers etc.. with Performance Anxiety.

Did you know pt2… ?

Sonny designs and writes the Hypnosis Meditations for his classes. As a Master Hypnotist, Sonny wrote a “Script Book” for practicing hypnotists and he still writes and records Hypnosis Meditations for his FaceBook page – I Love You Because..https://www.facebook.com/pages/I-love-you-because/121132551291069

Did you know pt3.. ?

Sonny has over 1 million views ! on his hypnosis meditation on youtube – that’s a lot of success stories !! – Through his recordings, workshops and private sessions, Sonny has helped more people than all of the the other hypnotherapists in Vancouver combined !!!

Private sessions are currently only $85 ! To make an appointment please use the form below or call now 778 -828 – 0088

https://thesunnysidemusic.com/  http://thesunnyside.net/  http://hypnosisvancouver.com/


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