Everyone has a song inside & whether it’s leading you to the professional stage or just your own living room – we’d like to help you express and share yours.

Note: All private lessons are $25/30mins UNTIL THE END OF JUNE and are booked in 4 lessons packages. Discounts are available through semi-private lessons, through Groupon, and shortly through the North Shore Parks and Recreation Play Card. Please ask. To register and begin taking lessons simply fill out one of the forms on our website or give Sonny a call and he’ll set everything up. 778 – 828 – 0088


Sonny Rosati www.thesunnyside.net (Sax, Flute, Clarinet, Recorder, Piano & Bass)

Sonny specializes in woodwinds – sax/flute/clarinet. He’s a lot of fun for the kids sonny rosati saxas they get rid of the “squeaks” and prepare for high achievement and musical success at school & the RCM. His studies include The Etobicoke School of the Performing Arts, York University’s Fine Arts & Performing Arts Management, and The Humber School of Music. Believe it or not, Sonny is also a Master Hypnotist! He will also be teaching our Performance Anxiety class.


Jessica Tseng (Violin, Viola, Piano)jessie










Gabriel Hasselbach – (Trumpet, Flute, & Voice)gabe1







Jorden Liteplo (Music Therapy, Guitar, Voice)jorden 1


Thank You for your patience as we update our teacher bio page.. – S


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