Astrology Cheat Sheets: Pisces


One thought on “Astrology Cheat Sheets: Pisces

  1. The pretty and beautiful still rule we can follow recipes and make excellent meals and we are the sexest over the not so pretty or beautiful. I agree with Libra Gemini and Leo being sexest over Taurus the fire sign brings most passion and loyalty. I do not want to hurt feeling but most Taurus women I have known are evil inside and out and not so attractive either
    They do not know their boundaries and think they can have any man even someone else’s man. They have no moral values because of this and corrupt the energy and life flow of love peace and harmony in our society. They do not belong where they cause disruption of the flow of energy of love for everyone. They are narcissist and self centered women
    They may be good cooks but that is all.

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