Moms Music & Michelle !


We’re busy getting ready for the launch of Michelle’s Moms & Babies class next week in West Vancouver. Today & tomorrow I’ll be on the North Shore putting up flyers. If you see them – let me know. I like them but I think they’re a bit big (I’m a teacher – I’m picky).

I’ve also been talking with Living Social and if things work out then we’ll be offering an introductory lesson special through them. Keep your eyes open –

Remember.. Michelle’s Moms & Babies class (ages 4 & under) isn’t just for developing little musical all-stars – it’s also for Moms looking for something interesting & educational. In this class, Michelle takes everyone through the vocal warm ups (it’s really fun to see a class of little children sing oooooo ahhhhh dooo rayyyy) and then she get’s to the songs.

But.. they’re not just children’s songs. Music is for everyone. And everyone has to enjoy the class. And.. Guess what songs most kids already know best? Yup.. the songs they sing along to on the radio in the car with Mom. So we’ve added songs that Moms like too.. Because this class is for the both of you – even if you don’t want to sing at all.

If you think this class is a great idea and you’d like to see it in your neighborhood, just let me know.

Note: Registration for general music lessons are now open & Ga will be teaching the Music Theory classes this fall and they’re already beginning to fill. Register soon.

If you have any questions simply give me a call – 778-828-0088.

Wishing everyone and amazing day !



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